i wish.

i wish i will always have the heart to understand people, to love them when it’s just plain hard, to be kind when all i want to do is scream to their faces. I guess the hardest part is keeping it to myself  because i just don’t have a heart to say what i want to even if i know i’m right…because i still believe it is better to be kind that to be right. But human as i am, can only take so much. I will just keep wishing, and pray ten times harder for a heart that knows how to respond kindly, lovingly. I pray for strength, for wisdom.

Inhale.exhale. Repeat until it feels better. 🙂

May your day be better than mine 🙂


34 and grateful!

Hello 2018!

Today, I turn a year older. Woke up to some birthday greetings and a hug from the husband before he left for work. 🙂 I haven’t been really into big birthdays but today is perhaps the quietest birthday I’ve ever had. And I’m liking it just the way it is. Baked some moist chocolate cupcakes with Brent (which he did about 70%, with some lessons on fractions lol), taught him some slow dance moves (because why not? lol), played with Blaire, watched some baby videos (which I already have memorized by heart), danced again to some Bruno Mars songs (all because Blaire likes him and his songs..I know right?), and sang my heart out with some worship songs. My day couldn’t get any better. 🙂 And that’s just half of the day! Woah! For the rest of the day, I will choose to celebrate  and linger on the sweet little things. And today, I am but grateful for this life. 🙂 Thank you, Jesus!

Hope you are having the best day ever too, because I am. 🙂


hello hello hello

Hi there! 🙂 it’s been so long, i know. life’s been crazy and yet with all its craziness, it still is beautiful. the past several months have been about babies, kids, and life in general. if i have to be honest, i really just want this blog to fade into just a memory (by not updating it). lol. there’s so much i’d like to share and talk about among other things, but i feel i need more than 24 hours a day to be able to do it. okay, i know i am making excuses. 😛 anyway, i hope everyone’s doing okay. 🙂






I am loved. ;)

Happy Heart’s day!

It’s been like forever since my last post and I honestly don’t know how it’s already 2017! And I wouldn’t even remember this blog if not for Valentine’s day. 😉

I gave birth about a week ago (and that will definitely be on a different post), and things have really been so hectic. I’m writing this entry on my phone while the little one is asleep. What’s so important about today that I want to blog about? Well, because, it’s a day meant to be celebrated. The fact is we all deserve love; to love and be loved in return. Although love should be celebrated everyday, it’s just nice to have at least a day where people feel the need to show their romantic sides. Lol.

So today, i want to honor the person who’s been my constant source of love : my husband. He did something special for me today. No flowers, no chocolates. Just something I never really expected.  something a lot more expensive than I would have wished for. I also didn’t exepect anything for today because I received an unexpected present last month too.My husband is trying to spoil me. 😉 I ain’t complaining but i feel guilty that i didn’t get him anything for today, which he doesn’t seem to mind (i actually am at the dont-want-to-go-out-of-the-house phase now), but I’ll make bawi soon. 😉

My husband isn’t the cheesy type of person who says the most romantic lines – but he always makes me laugh with his silly jokes. He’s not big on occassions and fancy dinner dates and gifts but he makes me feel special in so many ways. He always puts my needs first before his. He is one selfless man and his love for our kids is just priceless. I remember praying for him 10 years ago, and it amazes me how God answered my prayer and gave me what my heart truly desired and more. He isn’t perfect but he is the best for me.

Today is a reminder that I am loved. Life with a newborn is tough, specially when you only have yourself to rely on. Being a milk machine 24/7 to a little human being isn’t an easy job; and add the sleepless nights to it, and the many other things you need to do during the day. So i guess, having been reminded of just how blessed i am to be living the life that i have now, is worth celebrating.

I am grateful for this life. I am gratefor for my family. My kids. My husband. I really couldn’t ask for a more perfect valetine. I am beyond blessed.

Thank you, Jesus!

May all hearts be happy today and all year round.






8 weeks pregnant and i’m feeling so tired like a 90-year old woman. It’s kabuhi 24/7, is that even possible? Any kind of smell makes me sick. I feel like vomiting right every after meal. I don’t even wanna look at myself at the mirror. I cry at some random videos.

I feel like i am at my worst state, but i keep reminding myself that this shall too pass. I’m carrying a human being inside, and this little perfect blessing is all that matters. Everything will be worth it. Hang in there, little one. You are loved more than I could ever tell you. You are an aswered prayer and i just can’t wait to wrap my arms around you.

On a happier note, i am glad we’re back in Auckland. It’s getting really cold, but I ain’t complaining. 🙂

Have a happy week ahead of you!


Once upon a time


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We all have that funny childhood memory, and this probably is the funniest one I subjected myself into. This is truly one for the books. Haha!

Hermag Village Fiesta 1987. I present to you one of the contestants of  Little Miss Hermag. Nyahahaha!Meet 3-yr old Adine! I can still remember how my sister would bring me to the rehearsals in the afternoon. That was for a week, if my memory serves me right. In the evenings, one of our neighbors would help me practice for the talent portion. LOL! The song “Name Game” was very popular at that time, and apparently, everyone almost had the same song choice and choreography. Hahaha! Too hilarious! Our neighbour and friend Nang Andang made my gowns and the white cropped top and shorts I was wearing in the photo. I didn’t win the crown that night (LOL at the crown!) hahaha! But I won “best in swimsuit” if you might wanna know. Hahaha! I can’t believe how in the world I did it, but I sure remember I had so much fun.

Well they say you are a true Filipino if you know what a fiesta is! Pinoys just love making occassions. haha! When I was young, it was one of the things I look forward to. I loved how bibo the barangay is during fiestas. For 9 consecutive nights, I’d find myself in the chapel with the rest of the kids, waiting for the novena to finish, because…. mag-atang na dayon ug snacks. LOL!

Apart from the novena and the snacks, the activities in the evening were highly anticipated too. There were variety shows, sing and dance contests, beauty pageants (teens and kids) and more.Also, the peryahan is something I really enjoy too! Those ferris wheels na hadlok mabungkag anytime, and the bingo social with 1 sack of rice for the black out jackpot was just pure fun! But the highlight of it all is the day of the fiesta itself. I would wake up at 5 am just to listen to the drum and bugle parading the streets. And around 7 in the morning, the funniest of games begin! There were ‘bahug-bahug‘ eating contests, ‘pataasay ug ihi‘ contests, etc. hahahha!

Sometimes, when I need a good laugh, I just look at this photo and it brings me back all the happy memories. I can honestly say, I had a happy childhood.

(Oh, Please excuse my bangs, lol!)

What’s your funny childhood memory? I’m all ears!


well hello today


Grateful. Joyful.

I’ve been writing prayers, rants and all things in between in my journal for the last couple of days. You know how just writing everything in your head makes you feel so good? It is liberating. It clears your mind, it unburdens your heart. And then you start seeing things a little bit more clearly, and realize lots of things.

Which I did.

Well, I realized I have not been very grateful lately. And you know what proceeds ungratefulness? Losing joy. And when joy escapes you, everything just suddenly turns melancholic. You feel heavyhearted. And when you’re down, you start seeing every flaw in every single thing. You see all the negative aspects and you start expecting negative results. Somehow, you feel like being miserable is a comfort. What an awful state to be in!

So today, I will make a conscious effort to appreciate more and complain less. I will try to remain optimistic, to entertain positive thoughts, and speak only what is good and uplifting. I will try to see the good in everything, to see people beyond what the eyes can see. I’ll try to be more compassionate to those who are unkind, to love them even when it hurts. I will try to be more thankful for every single person, for every single thing – both good and bad.

Today, I will choose to be joyful – not the kind of joy that is dependent on a situation – but the kind of joy that endures during trying times. The kind of joy that never wavers.

Today, I resolve to be grateful whatever the circumstance. I will praise, I will worship, in every season of my life.

Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Because, long weekend


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I had a last minute holiday leave on Monday, so we decided to roam around the city. I wasn’t feeling very well, you know, girl problems. haha. But because the husband and I rarely get the same off together, we thought it was best to bring the little boy to the city for some good exercise – walking, and a bit of sight-seeing. After a couple of hours, we found ourselves too exhausted to continue walking. lol! Brent was too tired he fell asleep in the car on our way home. It was a good day filled with love, laughter and fun with my boys. I can’t think of a better way to start off this week.


Enjoy the rest of the week, you guys! 🙂

It is finished



Jesus is risen!!

When I was young, I really never understood Easter Sunday. Well, I knew it was a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, but I never really understood what resurrection was, or what rising from the dead meant. It was just too deep for my very young brain to process. For me back then, it was just another feast the church celebrates.

Year 2002 was the year that changed my life. I was 18. It was the year that I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I was invited by my sister to a worship gathering one night, and after months/years of saying no, I finally said yes! And as soon as I walked through the entrance door, I cried like a little baby, oblivious to the people around me.It was embarrassing, but I didn’t care. It felt like a homecoming. I felt like my heavenly Father has been waiting for me all along. It was also that very night I realized the significance of Jesus’ resurrection power.

Easter Sunday will always be a reminder for me of the finished work of Jesus Christ. When he said it is finished, he meant he has already paid the full price to redeem my soul. When he rose from the dead, he declared I was debt-free. He took my place, so I could take His. He bore my sins, he took the punishment that was meant for me. And the empty tomb will always be a sign of Jesus’ victory.

I truly thank the Lord for what He has done at the cross for me, and I thank Him even more so for the hope that awaits me, that one day, I shall meet Him face to face.

The battle is won. It is finished! Jesus is alive and He is coming back again for you and me.

Have a blessed Easter!