it has been raining for days now here in cebu…
and i just love it when it rains..
it gives me a refreshing feeling and provides me comfort at the same time..
it is during these times that i feel the lord so close to me…

i really don’t know what’s going on now..
i just read the disheartening news about china,and the increasing
no. of deaths reported.
see link below.


i feel deep within that the lord is trying to
show all of us something here.
i believe that the lord is coming really soon.
news about destruction and all other sorts of alarming
incidences have been coming out lately.

i just wanna close my eyes and fix my eyes on the lord.
He knows what’s happening now..
i leave everything up to Him.
I got so many concerns, but i don’t wanna be so concerned
about it.
God will take care of it for me.
as for now, ill continue to pray..
for my family..for my loved ones.
I know God will be taking care of all these for me,
in Jesus’ name.Amen