i just submitted my resignation letter 2 days ago. It was no easy task to explain why i was leaving..hmm.the assistant manager asked me to think it over..and guess what, i really did.LOL

i REALLY thought about it, had to gather all my strength to reach into my final decision of leaving. Yes, I am ready to move and say goodbye. Yay!

i will surely miss my friends..that’s for sure.It’s hard to leave when ur heart says “u can just stay”…but life is a risk..and that’s what i exactly told the assistant manager at the office, “You’ll never know what your chances are, unless u try them”.

I am optimistic. I have prayed about it…and I know where God leads, He guides…I wanna keep my eyes on Him and Him alone..

This afternoon..i close my eyes and think about my savior.my God..and my soul is overwhelmed..

Thank you Jesus. I know I belong to you.