It’s Tuesday evening at the office.Ü I am sleepy and I dont wanna work.waaaaaaahh…outrageous thoughts again.hmmm.but im here, and this is what im paid for. I was absent last night. I really wasnt feeling well..and i simply just didnt want to come.

Yesterday, i saw old friends again. close friends. I saw Cheryl and Gen. These two, have been one of my closest friends back in college. Ü They have been my great friends and they still are, despite the fact that we seldom see each other. Gen has decided to move to Manila few months back. Cheryl on the other hand, is busy with work and ‘boyfriend’. lol. what do i say? We have different lives now, yet we are still bonded by the fact that we are christians,Jesusfreaks at that note.

Its a comfort when i get to see them…when i have the chance to talk with them. We ate, talked and walked around. It was really fun. We talked about boys, men.. lovelife.what else? well, yeah.girls talk. Ü

Tonight, I relieve the thoughts..the memories that we as friends had. I thank God for them. will always thank God for them. hmmm, tonight, i may not be feeling really good about coming to work, but i rejoice. and i thank God. I choose to thank God and bring Him glory. Ü

Have your way, Lord. I am all yours tonight. i love u.