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I went home late yesterday, I mean really late.I was still at the office around 11am when Dan asked I can join him for lunch with other office mates. I initially wanted to decline but i just didn’t just have the nerve to say NO. LOL. It was more on being hospitable and to make him feel better because I know He was alone in Cebu. And I know being alone in a new place sometimes sucks .

On a side note, we already received our 13th month pay and so we are ecstatic! I dropped by Wipro, my former employer and was told my last pay was already available! Double yahoooo!! It’s a happy day, isn’t it? LOL

We had lunch at TGI Fridays, the food didn’t turn out as I expected but I enjoyed nonetheless.

well, these are some of the pics we had yesterday.:Pn811752327_1051549_1560

fox, an officemate, just got his rice cooker..haha..he won the prize during our Christmas party. .


with Dan