i feel im such a looser…haha..im celebrating the new year working at the office. yet, above all these, I thank God for the job i have. I thank God for the past year…for everything that has happened…mistakes and lessons learned at the same time..the lonely and happy moments just the same. I thank God for the laughters and tears shed. I thank God for the friends I made..people i encountered…for literally everything. for my family..for good health..for the love God has been graciously giving me every waking momentof my life..I thank God for my life. I know I have been so blessed.

Im lost for words right now. I am overwhelmed. It’s another year..another year to unfold moments..discover the undiscovered..experience things to learn..go and explore the world.

I am excited. I am looking forward.God is good and Ill be okay.Praise you, Jesus.