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im turning 25 come saturday.. Ü wooottt!!! im getting old.waaaahh!!!i dunno..it scares me,u know. haha..it frightens me and i dont know why..crazy me. but i put my trust in the lord. everything’s gonna be okay..yeah, i know it will.


As i turn 25, I wanna thank the lord first and foremost..I thank God for this life..for creating me..for saving my soul. I thank Him for His grace…for His love that covers all my sins..I thank God for my family. I thank Him for my parents. I have been so blessed..I thank Him for my siblings..for my cute nieces and nephews..my bro-in-laws..I cant thank God enough for them. God is just sooo good.


I thank God for jay. All these time, God knew who He’d want for me. Jay has been such a blessing. I will thank God for him every single moment of my life.


I thank God for friends..Ive had quite a lot. For my 25 years in this world, i have met so many friends..ive made a lot.. Ü since then til now.:-) Ive been blessed with people who cared so much for me.. for people who loved me like i was their own sister..who treated me like a princes..who walked thru life with me..in my ups and downs.. I say thank you to all the people who made a difference in my life

Happy birthday to me!