I was reading news from the internet yesterday and it seems like everything was about Obama’s inauguration..hmmm..that was really historic. He was the first American-African US president…hmm…quite a title..a position.. being the president of the most powerful nation in the world is really something.. There’s just something about it. The whole world took time to listen to what He has to say..

I browsed through the net and i found this picture…a picture of  Pres-elect Obama and his daughter..I love the picture.It showed the simplicity of a father, enjoying a stroll with his daughter on a beach..

The world crisis has just started..a lot hope in Obama to make the change.. I wonder what He can do..

one thing i wanna do is pray for him. I know that there is only one who can change the world in an instant..the one walked the roads of calvary thousands of years ago. He can turn the economic crisis to a year of grace..we need to pray more. pray for our leaders..pray for our nation. Lets wait for God. He is still  control…after all, He is the one who created the world.:-)