I’m not sure what  i’m supposed to write here..i only know one thing..im trying to calm myself down..i dont know what and how i am suppose to feel.. things are starting to get complicated..or am i just complicating them?

i thought im ready. i thought im done with the trouble of thinking things over and over again..now, im starting to get confused again.


i know im facing the unknown..the uncertain.i dont know if im going the right way..if i’m doing the right thing. it drives me crazy..yet at these times, i am reminded to trust even more. to keep my faith even stronger.

I have to continue believing that all things work together for good for those who love God…who are called accdg to His purpose. I trust even when i no longer understand… I put my hope in the knowledge that God is in control and holds my furture.

I feel restless. but i dont wanna dwell on the feelings. I have to continually remind myself to respond the way God wants me to.

Let your love comfort me today lord. I need you. 🙂 in Jesus name.Amen.