Facts about me. (just for those who care) 😛

1. I write this blog even when I know that nobody really cares to read this. 😛

2. I love to read..I read a lot. I want to learn new things. yet scared to try something when it’s my first time (i still sound normal,dont i?) 😛

3. I am nature lover. I love spending time alone in a garden/park where I see lots of trees and leaves and flowers..I love to meditate

4. I am a morning person..but I work at night. Ive been working the graveyard shift for almost 4 years now. not an easy job.not at all. Nevertheless, I am learning a lot of things, discovering new things…

5. I love to eat. You can ask my friends how big my appetite is. LOL

6.I love contemplating.I can stay in a prayer room/chapel for a day and never get bored as long as I have a bible to read and I can listen to christian music.

7.I am a frustrated singer. I have always wanted to sing for the lord..I remember, i auditioned for performing arts, and because i was so nervous,i forgot the lyrics.

8. Very emotional. I easily cry. I cry about the silliest of things.

9.I am passionate in making people happy. Regardless if it means hurting my own feelings (martyr lang, lol).I love my family that Id do anything for them. I love my friends and I’m willing to meet them up even if I only had 2 hours sleep.

10.I love the lord above all. All I want right now is a heart beating for Him..to love Him with all my heart.