monday. back in yishun, back in this room where I have spent most of my time here in Singapore. I missed this place, I could say, but I miss our home  back in cebu more. I miss hugging my mom.I miss I miss the evening chitchats with my nieces before we go to sleep. I miss praying with them, hearing them pray for me. I miss my mom, my siblings..I miss home so much..but I have things to accomplish here..things that I look forward to no matter how difficult circumstances are.. I din’t feel that strong,but I find my strength in the Lord. He has sustained me this far, and I know He will complete what he has started.I still don’t understand things..I still don’t know what’s gonna happen to me, but I trust my Lord and Savior- Jesus Christ. I trust Him with His plans for me..for everything. All I am going thru points to one main thing – and that is to give the glory that the lord deserves. His will be done in my life. I praise and thank Him for everything. Blessed be His name forever.