Today I tried to be optimistic..and see the brighter side of things, but i have seemed to fail. Tonight, I feel like crying again.When things get in the way, we humans, tend to feel we are at the losing end..And I would like to say I am normal because that’s how I am feeling right now.I don’t know what to do..I don’t know what to feel anymore..After what happened, I don’t know where to start. Yet I know God has given me a fresh new start.Coming back here is a token that God has something in store for me here..hard to believe when thoughts are cloudy but I am sure..I am perfectly sure that God is concern about the things that concern me too..

Tonight, I choose to see not just the bright side of things, but to whom brigtness belongs..the one who created light, the one who created the solar system, the galaxies. the milky ways, the one true God. I choose to behold Him and who He is..I know that the moment i choose to see Him, to look at Him, he touches my heart and takes away my frustrations and depressions..and replace it with peace.

Now, I choose to live one day at a time. Tomorrow’s gonna be another day. Whatever happens tomorrow,my God is there..and things will be okay. šŸ™‚