I had one of the sweetest Saturdays in my life. It was a an afternoon of adventure, fun, bonding and love all together.. What better way to spend the day with your special someone..I savored every moment, laughed a lot and enjoyed so much…so much more than I could ever think of.

I loved the bus ride. It was an out-of-the-plans-for-the-day idea..Jay and I decided to head along Pasir ris and look for a beach view. Both of us knew nothing of the place, though he has heard of it before. The long ride made me feel so comforted.Another week has passed and I am still waiting. That moment spent with jay was God’s gift to me. We laughed and talked all the way to Pasir ris station. Upon arriving at the place, we tried to access internet to check for the map, but to no avail. There was no better connection for the internet. We agreed to search for the place and go wherever our feet lead us.


Looking around, we found a way to get us to a park. It was a long walk, but it never mattered. I enjoyed the adventure. We found a lake with a couple of kids flying kites. They looked so happy and carefree. We decided to check the other places in the park, walked a little bit more..and to our surprise, we found the beach!! woooott! What a treat that was. I have always dreamed of walking along the seashore with jay, bare footed and holding hands. We came to the place around 4pm. I had so much peace and joy watching the waves and how it splashes the still sand..We walked along the shore and made footprints on the sand. I enjoyed watching my footprints and jay’s and it reminded me of the story about the footprints in the sand. I knew that at that moment, God was embracing and holding me close. His love was so tangible through Jay.


I will never forget the fun I had with jay.. the back-riding, the foot-stepping..the jogging race..walking barefoot in the park while others are on their sneakers, slippers, scooters and bikes..and how can I forget the moment in the sand..The memories make me smile.We laid our backs on the sand and stared at the big blue sky..and talked about anything and laughed at almost anything. It was just perfect. We watched the sun set and I never had so much peace that day.We watched boats in their colorful lights from afar..We witnessed the sea turned orange when the sun has finally hid itself.God knew I needed that time to regain strength from everything I am going through..What a wonderful God I have.


After what seemed like forever in the beach, experiencing God’s faithfulness and love, it was time to go back home. We went back through the same path we traversed..The problem was, it was already very dark. The path we took was the shorter way, but only few people choose it,because it was dark and scary. Jay and I only knew that way out, so with a lot of courage, I held Jay’s hand and walked through the bridge with a small flashlight on jay’s hand which comes from his phone..Minutes later, we found the way back to the station..I felt so relieved and ecstatic. wheew!

We ate dinner at the near station..We were both starving and thirsty. After the sumptuous and hearty dinner, we went home…We rode a bus again..We cracked jokes and laughed out loud at the hilarious things..I will never be able to thank God enough for that very sweet saturday..Thank you lord..

And I thank Jay for the time he spent with me. I know He had things to do, but he chose to spend time with me..Thank you and I love you. Till next time…next saturday.(“,)