Praise is the language of faith..and at this point in my life where I can’t even put things into words, I choose to praise God..I praise Him for His love and faithfulness in my life..He never fails me..Just when I need Him, He comes around..always encouraging me, loving me..and it always brings me to my knees..

While I was writing this, I just received a call from angela..Just right when I needed God, He sent Angela to tell me He is around..What a wonderful God! Thank you so much lord. Truly, nothing and no one else compares to you. You are my portion, you are sufficient for me..Your love covers all my sins…You are great. I praise you lord. I praise your name. Those who call upon you, you will never forsake..I bless your name lord. I praise you with all I am, with all I have..My heart bursts in thanksgiving to you.Be glorified in my life..and as I go through all these trials and pains, I praise you..What you did on the cross in enough.more than enough..Thank you, Jesus.

I choose to praise and I choose to bless your name..whatever the circumstances.