“But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the lord, for He has been good to me.” psalm 13:5

Lord, thank you for always being there,.You are always there when I call on you, and sometimes it amazes me..because I know that I don’t deserve such love and kindness and mercy and grace.

I adore you lord.I stand in awe of you..and your kindness makes me love to worship you even more..How can you be so kind to someone like me?Tonight lord, I commit myself again.I commit to your plans for me. Fill me with more of you, lord. Let everyone see how good you are to me. You are the lifter of my head, my vindicator. Don’t let me be put to shame lord. Secure me in your loving arms..I know that I am in the safest place with you..

Be blessed lord. You are worthy of all praises. I praise and thank you even right now for the good things you have prepared for me. I will live to see the victory you have for me. I will live to see the good things in this life. I will live to experience your favors and love..and above all, I live to worship you and give you glory.

You have been good to me,lord. Those who trust in you will never be forsaken. For the years past, you have always proven yourself, and over and over again, it always brings praise in my lips.PRAISE you lord! You are good and your love endures forever.