weeehh.. It’s Wednesday and here I am trying to figure out things..Planning for the next few days..checking the net for some stuff, planning a trip to KL Malaysia..or hmmm bintan indonesia, whichever is the best for now..

hmmn..I don’t know if I will have to be excited for the trip or scared..Oh lord, please guide me..All I wanna think of now is this is what God wants me to do..this is where he wants to be at this point in my life..so i will have to enjoy every bit of it..I will go through all these with courage and strength that comes from the lord..Kaya ko to!

*sigh* i wish things are a lot easier..like when i was a child..I never had to worry about these things..I never had to decide for myself..I have my parents and siblings who do it for me..And I am missing them so much now..I feel like crying again.haha! I just wanna laugh all these things out..God will never abondon me..He is faithful and He won’t let me be tried beyond what I can bear..woooott..Lord, please give me the strength..I am pleading on you..Deliver me from the hands of the people who wants to destroy me..I know you are fighting this battle for me.. I will stand still, lord..You are my victory.

I love you, Jesus.Take care of me lord. I commit to you everything..in Jesus name.Amen