13sept2009. east coast day for jay and I. Jay just got his new 500D canon cam, and we were both excited to try it out..I came by his house before lunch,and headed to east coast for the rest of the day..Both us us, didnt know what bus to take, we just took what is nearest to the place..It was a long bus ride, as usual.:) An hour after, we reached upper east coast road, and found out it was far from where the park is..So off walking again..and walk..and walk..found a bus station, rode another bus..stopped at east coast road and walked and walked and walked until we saw the signs of “east coast”..wooooooooot! it was midday and the heat was unbearable..Both our feet were tired, but we had to find our way to the beach…

After a very loooooooooooong walk, passed through underpasses, we finally found what we were looking for..it was time for a break and  lunch. We got by the nearest hawker and ordered chicken wings and satay..both were delectable and the best part of it was water.haha..yes, all i needed to get by that day was water..After resting for a while, we continued walking and walking along the beach, took pictures here and there..All in all, it was fun..Evening came, and we had to go back home..It was getting late and we also need to find a place where we could have our dinner..After another loooooooong walk, we found mcdonalds..yes, their burger never tasted soooooooooooo good.:) After dinner, we went home.Both tired and exhausted..both ready to fall asleep.I went home yishun late at night, and slept right away..

Here are some pics below. Jay hasn’t forwarded all the pictures yet..I had sooo much fun, and till next time. 😀