I just came from an interview/exam.Waaahh! It was draining and exhausting and stressful! lol.

Tonight, I am feeling so tired. I walked quite far ‘again’ earlier..my feet are just so tired..but i have other things to do yet..and instead of doing the things i need to do first, here i am watching these movies that make me wanna sleep now..haha..i’m just gonna finish this one, and i’ll start with my home work.

Lord, thank you so much for this day..I praise you for your love that never fails..See me through, lord and I’m asking you to take over in my life. Touch every person’s heart that I have spoken with, will be speaking with, and people I need to speak with. Lord, you are my only hope. I need you sooo much this time. Nothing is impossible with you. 12 days, 11, 10 days..you can work it all out. You are never too early nor late..You are never a fraction late or a fraction early.You have the best timing and your time is perfect.

I love you, lord. Salamat. Take care of me. in Jesus name.