Pastor christie talked about servanthood during service..She also mentioned, not to give up when you are praying about something..You might just be a prayer away..and I thanked God for that mesage..I am almost ready to give up..but i know the fight isnt over God has the last word in everything..I will continually praise God for these moments when i feel so helpless and hopeless and nobody seems able to rescue me..because i know that God is just working things out for me..and above all, He is ABLE.He is my HOPE. He is my HELP. Thank you for last night’s message lord..

On the lighter side, while listening to pastor christie, i took these pics…and im just loving it..:) Lord, thank you for giving me reasons to smile..:D i love you.


holding hands with jay..just had my nails done and i had chosen purple..


my sandals and jay’s shoes..

Thank you for you love for both of us, lord. Be glorified.