hmmn…it has been a very laid back monday for stomach’s a bit upset…my body doesn’t feel like coming out of bed..I’m feeling tired without even doing anything.Does this really happen? I got so many things in my head..things that make me crazy..I can’t believe I am entertaining all these things.wooooaaaahh!! *sigh* i just heard psalm 22:23..”I will proclaim your name to my brothers and sisters.[b]I will praise you among your assembled people.” hmmnn.. I guess I need to go..lord, i know ur taking care of me..”Jesus, we lift u with our praises”, the song goes out..i praise God for worship songs..I know this is all i be with God in prayer, in worship, to be in His holy presence. I still don’t feel good, but it doesn’t matter anymore..

I choose to praise God for His love and goodness.i Bless your name, lord.