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400_F_5090081_0PylQ2mQd4sOIj5NcwmJcp7hLearFMK6tiimecheck: 1:19 am Good morning! It’s 1:00 am and i my eyes are wide awake. I was supposed to write an article a while ago, but migraine stopped me. I feel a bit okay now, yet I don’t feel sleepy at all.Today’s Sunday, October 25.I love Sundays because I get to hear God’s word preached.

Oh, the feeling of being torn apart. I will have to deal with this. Nothing and no one can understand me but God. I am grateful that God is able to meet all my needs..able to meet all my concerns..=) And with that note, I am ready to sleep and face another day with courage and strength. I don’t have to choose between things. I trust God to give me the best option.