4:54 pm, my PC clock says. Thursday, 29 OCt 2009. Blankly, I stare at my monitor and trying to organize my thoughts. Got a lot of things going on in my mind, questions left unanswered, words left unsaid, unexpressed ideas and feelings all wrapped up inside of me.wooaaa! =)

Now, I am all ready to fly.fly high!fly away…*addict thoughts*images

This is what boredom does to me. I feel so unevenly irrelevant, and these thoughts are somewhat appalling, not doing me any good.

I am keeping the positive thoughts, dismissing the negative.I choose to be happy and I choose to be grateful.I sing, “happy, it’s so nice to be happy!”. Time check, 5:23pm. wooooot! I love it. Thank you for today, lord. I am closing it with love, happiness, and glee. šŸ™‚