Itaas ang kamay! ^_^ Money will buy you fame, riches, honor, but not happiness. Happiness is contentment with what you have and knowing you have so much more. They say, life is not fair..those who have, will have more; those who have nothing, even the little that they have will be taken from them.

Is it really fair? I know in God’s eyes, it is. Everyone still has 24 hours a day..and no one in this world knows when he/she will die..Everything is still fair, i guess. (“,) But money has played its influence so much. People try to weigh fairness in terms of possession. But why not? It might be fair enough to think that way..ironic,yes it is. Nothing can be said much about fairness and how it’s being measured out. But one thing I know, I may not have so much money, I may not be famous, I may not be able to buy fancy things, yet above all these things, I am blessed.

I am blessed beyond what this world can offer. Health, love, peace, joy are just a few to mention. The best thing in life that I have, that is far above anything, is Jesus. He gave His life for me..and with that, I have everything. in Christ Jesus, I am blessed and rich and honored and greatly favored. I can never ask for more.

xoxo, adine