I will have to learn to accept that there are some things in life which i will never be able
to understand. I still need to learn a lot of things. There’s still so much in life that I need to discover. Everyday will be a new learning experience for me. Some people will have to hurt me, some people will make me feel loved. Nevertheless, I will continue to love..love until it hurts.

I’ll take one day at a time. If tomorrow never comes, at least I have lived to love.
And I will always be grateful, because I have a God who loves me beyond measure, a love i don’t deserve..and in His eyes, I am precious, loved and prioritized.

I am starting to miss home. I miss my mom so much..i miss the person who unselfishly loves me.The person who always wants the best for me and takes care of me without wanting anything in return. Please take care of my mom, lord. 🙂