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I used to think traveling is fun..yes, it is and will always be..but there’s just no place on earth like home..There’s no other place more perfect than a family waiting for you when you come home. There is no better place that can give you peace, love and security, but home.

And for that very reason, I miss my home,my family.

I miss coming to the house from work and seeing my mom wait for me..I miss coming home to the noise of my cute little nephews and nieces.. I miss coming home to the sound of news on TV, to the smell of the newly cooked food prepared for me. 😦 I have never missed home this much…or maybe because it’s Christmas..the season has gotten into me..and I am homesick.

Regardless of how i feel, I will celebrate Christmas with so much joy.

Merry Christmas! 🙂 I wish everyone a Jesus-centered Christmas. God bless all.