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2010 new year celebration in Singapore was nothing but silence..^_^ And it made me miss home a lot..again. I miss media noche and the noise that awakens the entire city during midnight..I miss the smell of the firecrackers..simply put, I miss my family..But on the lighter side, I was not that lonely because Jay is back.Yay! =) And I am really grateful.

Jan 2,2010. Sentosa Singapore. A day of fun and laughters.A day of love and joy wrapped in simple ways..I will always treasure the best times in life.. -) Skyride, luge and the highlight of it all, as per jay, was i learned to balance myself in a bike..haha..I feel such a loser. 😛 boo. But i really had fun today..I enjoyed every single moment spent with jay. I will forever thank the lord for these simple joys.

We came home both exhausted from the heat of the sun, but this day will forever be cherished. Love u, jay. *_*

goodnight! Will sleep tonight with a smile on my face.