Thankfully, this is not a busy day for me. I am about to go home in less than 30 minutes. I was just quite bothered about something.Well, not really serious, but something that made me think.

I have been used to saying ‘i miss u’ and ‘i love you’ to friends close to me. I find it easy to just say it,sometimes, not even meaning it, but just out of sweetness, I tell them i love them and i miss them..Uhmm, is there anything wrong with that?

I have a friend.She’s been a friend since college, i even thought she considered me her bestfriend. She was a kind, a generous friend who has always been there for me. Years passed, she had a boyfriend, I had mine..in other words, things became a little bit different, we had our own set of priorities. I left for Singapore to work and she’s getting married July this year.

We do still chat once in a while..She drops offline messages and I sometimes drop offline messages to her as well..Just earlier, she sent me a message thru gtalk..she asked some stuff, and i was lovingly answering all her queries..I even cracked jokes and advised her of some things about the preps since she’s getting married soon..

The conversation went on, and then she was teasing me about some things i did in the past..my hilarious mistakes and everything, and i was just really laughing and thanking the lord that she was there during those times..Because I was grateful and happy, i told her, ‘i laaaaaaaab yuuuuu’…with no exaggeration..and then she said, ‘stop saying that.’ SO i was like why? and i replied again. ‘amishoooooo’ and then she replied…can you please stop saying that!?? and then it hit me.

Did i say something wrong?

I dunno. I know she meant it, but i just can’t believe it. Her excuse? Cheesy.

No comments. Things have changed. But I know, I haven’t. Nevertheless, I still love her because she’s my friend.. bye now. =)

love.love.love. xoxo