4:40 pm. thankful, that not much rashes are coming out anymore.I am the happiest ever! 😀 Today, I have nothing much to do, except for those tickets I need to forward to the techy guys (haha) and some phone calls to make. =)

There are days  when I feel so fired up and I just really wanna give it my all..There are also lazy days when even coming out of bed, is a major struggle. And today is a lazy day for me. I wish to have stayed longer in bed this morning.

I am eating these biscuits with pistachio on top. I don’t know since when was I into this..I just found this at the pantry..My fave ones are out of stock so I have to bear with this..but it isn’t bad though. In fact, I like it.

Wanting to go home early so bad. I wanna be home and read books. I wanna feel the moment of waiting for FRIDAYS! hahaha.. the best day there is for me..well not to include weekends of course. =)We all love Fridays, don’t we?

Thirsty. I wanna drink more and more water. Beauty celebs say, water is good for the skin.. =) and it’s good for the body as a whole. SO let’s drink to that. Cheers!

I can feel some back pains now..ouch again. don’t know what’s wrong..

What do i wish for today? i wish love for everyone! May you all have a wonderful Tuesday. Mine is perfect as is. God is good. (“,)

♥, adine