I am a fan of love songs. I admire people who write lyrics that speak so much about falling in love..falling out of love..heartbroken and the like..yet for some reasons, while I’m listening to it now, it’s making me feel sad. Oh! The thoughts! Thoughts can do a lot of things, indeed. For now, I don’t wanna listen to those songs yet. I should be keeping happy thoughts..

I thank God that it’s Tuesday..hmmn..i think I know why I am sad.hahaha..All of a sudden, it just dawned on me.haha..I am sad because Jay’s leaving this Friday night for Cebu for more than a week..Maybe that’s why listening to love songs make me feel like I am so alone.hahaha.. Oh come on.. I will be okay..getting used to it, i guess.:D I will always thank God for everything. Battling with sad thoughts may be a struggle at times, but I am a conqueror in the lord. 😀

Weeehh.. I got things to look forward to then. For now, let me enjoy the moment of waiting and loving. =) This will all pay off one day, in God’s time. Love. Love. Love. ♥♥♥

Happy Valentines! =)