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I pressed the snooze button twice this morning before finally coming out of bed. It’s Monday once again.

I want to be love-conscious today. I wanna make it a point, to give love and share love even in simple ways.

People need love and attention. I know there are a lot of insecure people because they never felt love all along. A child who grew up filled with love by the people around her, will never feel insecure.  I was reading this article/news about a woman who wanted to look like Jessica Alba after breaking up with her boyfriend. She narrated how her boyfriend adores Jessica A. When they parted ways, she wanted to win him back by going through plastic surgery to look like the famous celebrity star.

Now, i wonder what made her think and feel that she has to be someone else in order to be loved. But don’t we all resemble like her in some ways or another? We may not have gone to the point of totally wanting to get rid of our personal identity, but haven’t we wished to be loved? We all do. The richest and the most famous person in the world, still needs love. Love shouldn’t be begged. It should be freely given.

Today, I wanna make every effort possible to love. When I wake up this morning, I know I am loved by a God and who will make everything possible just to show me how much He loves me. I wanna share that love today. It may not be perfect, but it’s surely gonna be the best that I can give.

Today’s gonna be a beautiful day. Happy loving everyone! (“,) ♥♥♥