Ever felt like running away? That must be how I am feeling now. I wanna fly somewhere and just rest, a beach perhaps for a couple of hours. Yes, for just a couple of hours. (“,) I just feel tired for some reasons…hmmn.

Beach. Seashore…I would love to imagine walking around the shore with bare foot.. to feel the cold breeze brushing through my face..

I wanna run again like a child..play with the waves, dance in the rain, enjoy every moment not worrying or thinking about anything. I wanna feel again the contentment of having my mom around, to sleep under her arms, to sit in her lap, to see her smile when I smile. I miss being a child.

I miss being dependent and worry-free. No wonder, God loves children. I wanna have a childlike heart. A heart that trusts, a heart who sincerely loves, and who easily forgives. 🙂

*_* ready to go now.(“,) ♥