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I wanted to sleep early last night because I was feeling tired the whole day..The thought of lying on the bed, was the most comforting of all. I imagined myself sleeping at 1030pm, the latest. And all of a sudden, I found myself crying over something. What I thought was gonna be a restful night, became a restless night. I slept around 2am..And I am not surprised that I feel so much tired today than yesterday.

Why does heart matters affect so much? I mean, when you’re hurt, you become restless. You think about what you said, what they said. You try to weigh their thoughts against yours. It’s such a tiresome feeling. I always tell myself to be strong, to not be easily affected with petty things. But why does it still hurt so much?

While crying under my blanket I realized a couple of things.

1. I got hurt because I cared. I cared for the person who has hurt me.

2. I got hurt because I loved. I loved so much. And because of this love, I am ready to let go of my hurts and forgive.

The words spoken were not intentional. The hurtful words didn’t intend to pierce hearts. It never meant to break the heart. Love is when you know you’ve given enough and still wants to give more. Love is when you know you’re hurt, yet still chooses to love and start again.

My prayer today is I may find the strength to continue loving. That I may not get tired..And I know that the only way is to look on Jesus, who loved me with all my flaws and faults. I can do this. One more time. ♥♥