Alone? Not at all.

I thought it was gonna be a lonely day..but I was wrong. God has lavished me with so much love today.
And i know that I can face tomorrow one more time, because of Him. I love listening to this song by Katinas. it touches my heart like no other and reminds me that as long as I have Jesus, I will be okay.

Thank you, lord. I know I’ve failed you countless times, yet you have never given up on me. This day is for u..You are the perfect example of Love. You are love yourself..Thank you for who you are in my life. And I say sorry for all the times, I have offended you.

Make my heart whole once again so I can start loving with all I am. I love you, lord. Words will not be able to express how much you mean to me. ❤ You are my everything.