Hearts day is not just for lovers. Some people have this notion that when it’s Valentines day or Hearts day, it has to be with someone “special..” But who could be more special than friends? Friends stay with you through the good and the bad. Friends are God’s precious gifts..And so on this very special day, I remember some of them. (‘,)

Meet my Keffy friends!


Liz has a certain character. She may look intimidating at first, but once you get to know her, you will appreciate the vulnerability behind her strong personality.I say strong because I see that in the way she decides things for herself and for her family. A very responsible daughter at that.She’s one of the few people who can laugh with me from the silliest of things down to the grossest ones. I admire her courage and strength as a woman.


Doyle is one the funniest and wittiest friends I ever had. He is such a darling. =) He sings really well if I may also mention. I remember during our training back Intuit days, He would all lead us to sing..”Celebration”. He also has the makings of a good writer. wahaha..Liz and doyle share that same passion of writing..:P They do share a lot of common things, and it makes me wonder at times, what if…just WHAT if, they are meant to be.hahaha..One word that we all love using when we laugh hard is the word “Cheekbones”.


We used to call him JR, and all of a sudden, it became “Raffy”. hahaha..He is the human dictionary. He formulates his own words and phrases  and sentences at times. When we had our first exchange gifts aka chengcheng gepts, raffy gave me a stuffed toy..who would’ve forgotten that? haha.. I love Raffy like my own brother, his funny antics and ‘hirits’ always make me wanna check my cheekbones.


I love shy the first time I saw her. She was dancing and posing like a model inside the training room. She can imitate celebrities, a very good dancer, and she sings well too. She is a teacher by professsion, and I find it so unlikely sometimes..hahaha..She’s one of the funniest girls I’ve ever met. She is a darling to everyone. We used to tease her when she gets stressed with calls, and will have to be rushed to the hospital..But now, Shy is a strong woman. She just gave birth to an adorable baby boy named Simon and a loving wife to her husband “daddy”. She calls him daddy so we just call him daddy too..Say hi to Chrysler for me.


The baby. I swear, she’s one of the sweetest. I love her simplicity and her genuine heart. She was the reader most of the time, of all our email spam before. She was too busy to reply.hahaha..Xy-na together with liz, were the ones I cry with during lunch break during retention days. We kept saying we wanted to resign, and I even thought xy-na was the first one to tender her resignation.:S but she ended up staying longer than all of us..wow.:) Such a fighter! And I am most excited to see her soon in SG.woooot! ❤


jai is the person I seldom see and talk with.hahaha! Nevertheless, she’s one gorgeous woman who looks like Jean Garcia, a local celebrity star in the Philippines. She is also a woman of strength. She can work 2 full shifts in a day.haha..=) She posseses such great fortitude and with extreme grace. She is a loving mother of a cute boy, and a faithful friend to all..

I may not always see you guys as often as I want, but I surely remember you today.:) I wish each and one of you, love and more love today and all the days of your life. 🙂 May you always be keffies wherever you maybe.

You may or may not have ‘special someone’ to spend the day with, know that someone remembers you today..hahahahah.. 🙂 char.com

I hope to see all of you soon. As for now, let me greet you a Happy valentines day, from the bottom of my heart. ❤ mwaah!!