weehh! I miss my blog. ❤

I was about to sleep when I just felt like writing again. =) I have been busy with work for the past months and weeks..Crazy work load, yet fulfilling career has made me better. Thank you, Lord.

I have never been used to such work load, where I have to bring some work home, work evern during late nights and weekends. But all the while, I know God is shaping me into a better person. I’ve learned a lot in just a short span of time. God’s grace is just simply amazing. 🙂

It’s been a fun journey so far. I’ve encountered lots of frustrations, felt overly pressured and outrageously stressed, but as I look back, I can only thank God for His love that sees me through.

I can only thank God for everything. Thank you, for this beautiful life, Lord! =)