Today I woke up 10 mins after turning off my alarm clock. I woke up with heavy eyes because I slept late the other night. I woke up with my eyes half closed as I walked to the bathroom.

I arrived at work still feeling very sleepy, but the moment I saw my email inbox and all the pending things I need to do for the day, I started to forget about sleep and all. 🙂

Today I feel like I have been complaining a lot at work without me knowing it. It frustrates me at times that I have to always tell myself to be patient with people I sometimes find so impossible to deal with. It depresses me when I feel like I can’t voice out what I wanna say, because the boss is always right. =) It breaks my heart when I know I have to explain myself for things that I am no way to blame. But this is how the world operates. It may sound unfair most of the time, but it’s how you play the game. The world will always have a reason for you to be ungrateful, but it’s how you choose to see the things that you have to be grateful for. And today, I choose to thank God for everything He has blessed me with – life, work, family and health.

Today is one of those times when I have to hold the tears back. And I must say, I have learned to master the art of holding back the tears, to pretend that you’re okay even when you’re not. I have found a way to smile at the things thrown at me and see things in a much brighter way.

Today, I have succeeded in controlling my emotions to get in the way. God’s grace has been so amazing that I can just thank Him for seeing me through each and every single ‘tough’ day. To be fair with, today is much better than any other bad days. I actually wanna stop considering a day, ‘bad’ because there is no such thing as bad day. =) No matter how ugly things may seem, today remains a blessing.

Today I left the office at 8pm. I had to leave some work to be finished tomorrow morning and a lot lot more waiting to be done. But my heart is peaceful as I continue to rest in the finish work of Christ. I trust God with my tomorrows.

Today is about to end. It’s just a minute before 12mn. Bye Tuesday, June 22, 2010. You will only come once in my life. I thank God for all the lessons I learned today – workwise and a lot more things.

Tonight, as I sleep, I will thank God for all the good things that happened today. Yes, everything was good. =) goodnight!