“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37

My clock shows 12:12am. 🙂 So it’s Tuesday! How do you start your day right? Most people will say prayer…some start it with coffee and newspaper. Today, I choose to start my day by delighting myself in the Lord.

Question: How do i delight myself in the Lord?

Meriam webster defines delight as:

Delight means happiness and may refer to someone or something that brings such a state.

may Refer to someone who brings such state. 🙂

To delight in the lord is to enjoy His presence. His love. His word,. His awesomeness. Happiness is found in delighting oneself in the Lord. Today, I start by enjoying God’s love for me. I know He loves me not based on my good works…but based on His great and perfect love. Today, I will remind myself that God only desires what is best for me and my family. I may go through some difficulties at some point, but God is able. And He is faithful.

God is able. It simply means He can do anything. Yes, ANYTHING.

God is faithful. He will do whatever He has promised in His word He would do.

And because His word says, that He will grant the desires of my heart as delight in Him; I know I can trust Him, because He is faithful. He remains faithful even in my unfaithfulness.
So today, let us all delight in the Lord. Let us remember all the good things the Lord has done and let us praise Him for He deserves all our praise. 🙂

goodnight! xoxo