Meet the most special woman in my lfe. My mom. 🙂

I am a mama’s girl. I am the youngest in the family and my mom has always been a sign of love and comfort to me. She is the most wonderful, most beautiful mom in the world to me. She loves me dearly and takes good care of me. She is my super best friend.

My mom’s love has been a source of encouragement for me, Her words of comfort takes every single pain away. My mom is gracious, loving, patient, faithful and a beautiful woman inside and out.

I remember, while I was still studying, my mom would wake up very early to prepare all the things I need for school, even until I graduated from college and started working. She wakes up early to make sure I eat breakfast, and she stays late to make sure I go to office safe during night shifts. She makes things easy for me.

My mom is an expert cook. Her version of ‘humba’ is the best in the world. She mom loves to sing too. And every time I hear her favorite songs, I start to miss her. The hardest part of moving to Singapore to work is leaving my mom. Her tears at the airport always break my heart. I know she loves me dearly and I feel the same way too.

Tonight, I learned that she’s sick. My heart has never been this broken. I miss my mom so much that I just wanna rush home and hug her. Her arms, her hugs, her kisses make life so beautiful. I can never ask for someone greater than my mom. She is just perfect as she is. Her love for her children inspire me so much to be like her someday.

I wish I could take away the pain she maybe feeling right now, but then I believe that God is our Healer, and nothing is impossible with Him. Tonight, I lift up my mom in prayer. I know God is reaching out to her to allow her to experience His supernatural power. I know and I believe that God is healing her tonight. The precious blood of Jesus has covered her and the enemy cannot do anything to harm her.

I will rest tonight trusting God for His favors and love and power. And I thank my dear Lord even right now for the healing He has blessed my mom with. Thank you, Jesus. Please take care of my mom.

I love you, ma. And how I miss you. I love you more than I could ever tell you. You will always be the best mom for me.  Please take care of yourself and get well soon. I am praying for you and I know you will be healed as I proclaim it and believe in my heart that God desires you to be well. 🙂 I love you so much! ❤