July 23, 2010. Sacred Heart Church. My bestfriend got married. Yes, it was my bestfriend’s wedding. 🙂 She got married to a wonderful man, Gwen.

Meet Karla.

Karla and I became friends way back in college . She was the silent type with a pretty face. 🙂 That was the same year I shifted course from CompE to IT. I can’t remember exactly how we became friends, but I know we were classmates in one of the Chemistry subjects. 🙂 She had her own set of friends, while I was on my own, enjoying my own little world. One day, we just found ourselves enjoying each other’s company arguing most of the time. LOL. She used to visit me at home, and bring me lots of stuff. Karla is one of the sweetest friends I ever had in my whole life. She was and is still like a sister to me. Our conversations may end up in arguments at times, but Karla is the best kind of friend, anyone could ever have. After graduation though, she left for Japan to be with her family.

Fast Forward to 2006. Karla went back to Cebu and landed a job in 1and1, where she met Gwen. FYI, Gwen was our schoolmate, but I didn’t know Gwen had a crush on Karla. 😛 They met again in 1and1, and the rest is history. 🙂 Gwen and Karla found a soulmate in each other. 🙂 They are a perfect combination.

Year 2009. Karla and Gwen got engaged.

Year 2010. Karla and Gwen tied the knot. And I was not there to witness it. 😦 One of the things I would have wanted was to see Karla walk down the aisle in her wedding dress. Needless to say, I was very happy for her. She deserves to have a wonderful husband and family. She is one of the few people who I think deserves all the blessings. I know Gwen will be taking care of her. I wouldn’t worry much about her now for I know God has given her the best man to look after her and love her.

Gwen and Karla, I wish you all the best in your married life. You deserve to have each other and you deserve the happiness this world can give.

Madam, I am really very happy for you. Continue to love each other, for you both are an inspiration to me.

Here is the video that I took from Karla’s fb page. A truly inspiring story to share to anyone. 🙂 It’s love made tangible in the lives of Karla and Gwen. 🙂

Gwen + Karla Pre-Nup from zgum on Vimeo.