I am frustrated – this is an understatement. As much as I would like to understand and love people, there are just days when it’s so hard. It’s just simply hard.

But then, who said life is easy? In one way or the other, each one of us has felt this kind of frustration. And the kind of frustration that is caused by other people’s actions and irresponsibilities.

I have my own share of silly actions, but I have not reached a point where I stopped thinking about how my actions can affect someone else. I am just as human as any other people. I also get tired.

In this world where there are a lot of expectations, I wish people will be a lot more considerate and professional.

Regardless of how I feel, I know I am loved by God and it doesn’t change the fact that He cares for me and how I feel.

It’s still a blessed day, after all. Thank you for all of these, Lord.