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I am exultant, feeling very much elated. 🙂

My heart is gratified. God has and is always faithful. Looking back at those years when I felt miserable and pondering on the things God has blessed me with today, I can’t help but be blown away at how things turned out. It’s just simply amazing. Who would have thought I’d reach this far? Who would’ve have imagined I’d be doing the things I do now? God ordains and orchestrates things wonderfully. And over and over again, I find myself thanking God for everything.

Things weren’t and still aren’t perfect, but my God is. The past is something I can just look back and treasure. The present is what I have to enjoy, and the future is something I can look forward to with much enthusiasm. I have more years to look forward and a whole lifetime to contemplate and be simply grateful for things.

As I look around and thank God for all the blessings, I know I have been blessed with more than what I needed. My family, my dear friends and some special people in my life have made the difference.

And yes, I give all praise to God for giving me Jay who has been the greatest answered payer. Today, I celebrate with him another year of love, happiness and fun.

To my one and only, Happy Anniversary. 🙂