Can a mother really forget her infant? I don’t know. The incident about a baby found in the trash bin at the airport is something I don’t think a mother in her right mind would do. But I am in no position to blame the mother.

I love babies. I love their smell, their little giggles and cute adorable laughter. They are angels wrapped in a human body which makes it so easy for people to love them. But why abandon such beautiful creature? Babies are blessings.

There are times I wish I can find a baby in some street that I can bring home for a day. Weird thoughts, yes.  I pray that every single mom will be responsible enough to take care with their little ones. Babies are precious and God cares so much for them. If a mother thinks she can’t take care of the baby, please don’t throw them into the trash. Some people would love to have them.

I pray for those mothers who have left their babies. Babies are gifts and they are to be nurtured and loved. These babies are innocent and should not suffer because of selfishness and irresponsibilities.