Some things never last. Some people will have to leave and move and you remain and stay. There are times when things are simply out of the way and the only thing you can do is watch people pass you by.

My heart breaks everytime somebody has to leave. And its even harder because I  know I don’t wanna be left alone, and even wants to go somewhere else too but unsure of what is on the other side. I guess this what adulthood means. You make your own decisions, you stand by what you what have chosen and you choose to move on after each time.

This morning, I woke up with a better perspective of things. God has the best plans for me, and wherever I am, wherever I go, I know I have God’s favors over me, and I surrounded with His amazing grace.

Happy weekend! May this day bring you and me peace and love and more blessings. 🙂 Have a happy happy day! ❤