Ever felt like craving for something you can’t figure out what? That’s what I exactly felt tonight. I wanted to eat something I don’t know.And it felt so weird.

Jay and I went to Bishan Junction to look for food. He wanted me to eat what I was craving for. I knew he wanted to eat something else, but decided to allow me to choose on what I want. *sweet* We ended up at Pastamania.

Jay ordered beef meatballs pasta and I had carbonara and chicken wings for side dish. When you’re hungry, everything just seems appetizing. You forget about calories and cholesterol and just start eating to your heart’s content. And that’s just what I did tonight.

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My cravings for tonight have been satisfied. We went home laughing and thanking God for the blessing of one another, and the grace to enjoy little things and rejoice over circumstances. I have been truly blessed with Jay.

The look of a happy couple

Until the next time. God has never failed to amaze me at how He makes me happy and content over things. It’s just truly a blessing.