I am teary-eyed as I write this entry. I just realized it’s gonna be another christmas away from home. The christmas songs that I listen to now remind me so much of past christmases – happy, fun, family time.I am starting to miss home AGAIN.

But I am reminding myself that Christmas is about Jesus – all about Jesus.

And so instead of thinking how I miss home, I think about how grateful I am that God has blessed me so much. I thank God for the blessed day that Jesus was born. Because of Jesus, I am able to enjoy things and I know I am awaiting the best days ahead.

Christmas becomes more meaningful each time. Oh thank you, Lord. Thank you for christmas and the happy memories it always brings. I can’t ask for anything more than your love. You alone are the reason, you are alone are my hope in this crazy world.

Your love enough is Jesus. Advance Happy birthday, my dear Lord. I love you. ❤

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