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October 6 – 10.

I have always heard of Bali and was told of stories of how awesome the beach is. I finally had the chance to witness it myself few days ago. We were lucky enough to have purchased our tickets in promo (hoorraaay!) a few months back.

I did file for a leave (from work) 2 weeks ago. I informed the boss that I wanted to take a short holiday on the said scheduled dates. The boss did not confirm. But I presumed it was a Yes. So last Tuesday, I reminded the boss about my leave (the following day). Well, guess what, he asked me to postpone it. I mean seriously!?? I actually wanted to break down and hand my resignation letter pronto. No, just kidding. But just imagine my frustration.I understand though where he’s coming from. After some negotiation, we agreed I’d finish all the reports for the week before I leave. To finish the reports before my flight the following morning meant no sleep. But I had no time to complain, my excitement for the trip was a great energy booster. 😀


We arrived at Bali around noon and wasted no time. It was a perfect weather to enjoy the beach. But because I had no sleep the previous night, I had to take a power nap before I passed out. LOL. After an hour or so (just enough to recharge), we surveyed the place and found a place to take a meal.


The beach in Kuta, Bali is just amazing. And by that I mean A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in all caps. haha. The waves were huge and really scared me because I am no swimmer. I started thinking about tsunamis and the like. hahaha.I thought I was gonna drown just by watching the waves before me. But every time I see how the surfers enjoy the waves, I realized I was acting rather weird. I was overacting, so I thought. haha


The beach at night is gorgeous. The sound of the waves are like music to the ears. The fireworks at night are too pretty to ignore. So if you want to do something romantic without having to spend too much, sit by the beach with the one you love and watch the fireworks together. 😉


Bali is a known destination for both locals and tourists. You get to see all kinds of people from different walks of life. And with the very little time we’ve spent in Bali, I fell in love with the place. If only I could wake up each morning not having to think about work. I wish we had more time to explore other places in Bali. I know for sure I’ll be looking forward to another trip to this paradise again soon.




After a few days, it was time to face reality again. Back to Singapore, back to work. How I miss Bali. It’s probably one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.


Thank you Lord, for always, ALWAYS making me feel loved and blessed. Thank you for making that trip possible. 🙂