April this year (April 27 to be exact), Jay and I left for Pukhet for a holiday – a long awaited vacay away from the busy life of Singapore. It was not a long vacation, in fact, it was just like a getaway, for we only stayed over the weekend. I just realized I haven’t made a post about it, so I thought, it’s never too late yet. Maybe I just wanna recall the good times, and all the blessings we have received this year. I know the year isn’t over yet and lots of things have happened, but I want t o keep a grateful heart and start thinking about God’s goodness in my life.

Our flight to phuket was at 9am. Jay and I were both eager and thrilled for the trip. A breakfast in Mcdo at Changi Airport was the only way to catch the flight and not starve when we reach Phuket. The travel time was approximately 2 hours, and Thailand is an hour ahead of Singapore. We arrived at around lunch and found ourselves checking in at one of the inns near the beach.

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The sun was at its hottest during noon, but we decided to walk and check out the place and the beach! We only have to stay for 2 days so we had to maximize and make the most out of the time we will be staying there. The beach did not disappoint. It was just as awesome as it looks in the photos. Tourists are everywhere in the place, mostly Aussies and some girls lay naked on the sand sun bathing. The streets are packed with travellers, shops with more tourists checking for souvernirs and fake products.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the beach, and Jay was having so much fun with the waves. I will always want to revisit the happy moments, the good times in Phuket. Happiness in little things really make a lot of difference.

During the night, we walked around the area to look for food for dinner, and found a seafood resto where the food was not that good. I forgot the name of the place, but I saw lots of tourists dining on the same resto and it made me wonder if they enjoyed the food unlike us. Anyway, after dinner, we checked some other night out stuff and found so many ‘gays’ in the area. While passing by one of the pubs, ‘gays’ are dacing in poles outside waiting for someone to pick them up. I may say it’s kinda gross, because these ‘gays’ had their sex changed, and you can see them dancing and showing the men what they got. I don’t wanna be very descriptive about it, but it’s quite disturbing. The street in that area was purposely closed at night to for such ‘shows’. We decided to get a good thai massage to end the day for only 250 baht. That was really a good price. šŸ™‚

The following day, we checked out from the inn around 12nn and our flight back to Singapore was at 8pm. The trip was really short but it has taught me a lot of lessons. It has allowed me to see a different side of the world, and experience myself how it feels to be in a place where different cultures meet and different people encounter. Until we meet again, Phuket. =)