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Oh I love reading. I realized that for the past year though, I haven’t read one single book (uhm well, except for the bible).As in ZERO. How could that be possible? Well it is possible, considering how busy life in Singapore is. So last week I decided to buy for myself. After Sunday service, we dropped by the bookstore and bought a couple of books. Yey me! It’s like opening presents on Christmas morning! 😀

Now I got 2 new books to read (Joyce Myer’s: “Eat the cookies, buy the shoes” and Joseph Prince’s: Destined to Reign). I planned of taking the books to our Bali trip Last Wednesday, but while I was packing my things, I simply forgot about it. I only remembered when I saw some people reading at the boarding area. My heart sank and I felt sorry for myself. LOL! So tonight, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.


Happy Sunday! Share the love 🙂