I have already mentioned in my previous posts that this coming Christmas will be my second time away from home. And it still feels like the first time. I guess there will always be things in life that you will never be able to get to used to. I know I’ll never be able to get to used to being away from home during the Christmas season. Nonetheless, I know fully well that I am so much loved and even if I’m miles away from them, Christmas will still be something I’d love to celebrate.

As I was growing up as a kid, one thing I have always loved about Christmas is the gift-giving. I always look forward to gifts I’d receive and it’s something that perks me up when I think about Christmas day. Yet, for many adults now like me, to give has become a priority over being the recipient. It is just embarrassing to ask your ‘ninongs’ and ‘ninangs’ for Christmas gifts. lol.However, young or old, we have our different sets of wants and needs, something we desire with all our hearts. And yes, I have a lot.

I don’t want to sound like a beauty queen, but I wish for world peace. I wish for peace in each and every person’s heart. I wish for people to see God and experience Him in their lives. I wish for a world that is not selfish, for people to care for each other. I wish for my family’s health. I wish for financial breakthroughs.

But for now, I am praying for a new job. God knows my heart and I allow Him to do whatever He wants. He knows me better than anyone else. I know I can count on His faithfulness, and His love that is far beyond comparison. His love will cause me to rejoice over circumstances as I remain grateful for everything He has done for me.

Well, I know that I have something to look forward again this Christmas. Whatever that is, I thank God even right now, for I know that I can never outdone His generosity. A merry Christmas!!