I was browsing through some photos and I came across photos for the annual day last August. The company holds this annual gathering of employees for open session, food, awards and recognition and some fun. This year’s annual year was held at The Regent Singapore Hotel where I was asked to be one of the hosts. I never liked the idea, but as a faithful employee, I couldn’t say NO to the bosses.

The people were divided into groups and teams. Each team will have to present karaoke songs for 3 categories. Being the only filipinos in the company, my officemate, Merrylee and myself were asked to perform for the 2 categories. I felt that it was rather unfair for me to do that since I was also hosting the event. But the boss doesn’t accept the word NO. I looked like a trying hard, out-of-place human being. It made no sense to me at all. I host and I perform and it was not clear to me at all what I was doing. LOL. The 3 categories were: Regional, English and Local Songs. Merrylee and I were to perform for English and the local songs. We chose Janet Jackson’s “Together Again” and for the local song, we chose a tagalog song, “Sumayaw Sumunod”. Looking at the photos and thinking about it now, I can’t help but smile and laugh.

Oh Thank God for free choice. In life, you can either succumb to bitterness or see things differently and learn from it. That night was humiliating, but I had to overcome it. I don’t have to be afftected about what other people have to say. Their opinions don’t matter. I know myself and I care about myself enough to not let anyone put me down. God has created me wonderfully and His love for me is everlasting. That alone is enough encouragement for me to move on.

God is ever faithful. All my days were ordained before one of them came to be. And because of that, I can face each single day with hope and faith, that everything is gonna turn out for my good.I can laugh at things and remain hopeful for better things ahead. Yes, I believe greater and better things are ahead of me. =)